Did you know you can increase your overall liability coverage, above and beyond your home and auto limits? Did you know that surface water damage
is typically not covered by your homeowner’s policy? Talk to us about asset protection to ensure you have the right amount of coverage to keep your life moving happily along.


Liability protects your assets in the event you are sued or at fault in an accident. If your liability coverage is exhausted, your assets including money in the bank, investments, personal property, and future wages could be at risk.

The umbrella coverage is to help protect your assets in the event of an at-fault auto accident or an incident on your property where you can quickly find yourself responsible for damages that exceed the limits on your auto or homeowners’ policy.

Also called excess liability, umbrella liability is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits. It covers the expensive legal fees to defend you and the portion of a settlement or judgment that exceeds your home or auto insurance liability limits up to the limits of the umbrella policy. Liability awards in these settlements can be very expensive. Umbrella limits usually start at $1 million and go up in increments of $1 million.

Talk to your Liberty account manager today about our assets protection worksheet to make sure you have enough additional liability in place.


Flood is not covered under home insurance and requires a separate policy. A flood does not need to be a declared emergency to be covered – surface water that covers the street and your property, or any two different areas, is considered a flood. Our team can work with you to stack a national flood policy with private flood insurance to get you the broadest coverage available.


Boat and yacht insurance covers loss or damage to your boat and helps protect you financially from injuries or damage caused by covered mishaps. In addition, liability coverage can help protect you if you cause injury to others or their property while using your boat. Medical payments coverage provides reimbursement for injuries to you and your guests. And, boat insurance includes coverage for on-water towing. Your account manager can help you select the coverages you need based on vessel size, equipment on board, docking location, and the waters traveled.

The Liberty Advantage


We help uncover your needs to make sure what’s top of mind is covered along with eliminating any gaps in coverage. As an independent insurance agency, we partner with multiple carriers to ensure we have the coverage you need at a comfortable price point for you.


At Liberty, you work with a dedicated licensed
account manager and agent who believes you are more than just a client, you’re part of the Liberty family. When you call, you get a person who knows you, your family, and your account inside and out.


Our team has combined industry experience of over 100 years. We are all licensed agents and dedicated learners with designations in niche areas within the industry. We are focused on sharing our knowledge to empower you to make the best risk management decisions related to your financial future.

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You don’t want to be at the mercy of comparables for your vehicle at time of loss.  Several of our carriers offer agreed value coverage, so you know what your car is worth and how much you will receive after a claim.



You restored your car from the ground up and it’s your baby.  Let’s make sure you have the specialty coverages to protect your vehicle in case of a loss.  We have several markets that offer appraised value coverage, specialty parts sourcing experts, original parts coverage and more.



After a loss, you want your vehicle to retain as much value as possible.  Allow us to endorse original equipment manufacturer parts coverage onto your policy. You’ll get original parts, not aftermarkets ones, after a loss and your vehicle’s value will remain intact.