Individual Policy Advisor

Our insurance version of an IPA is a custom blend of experience, insights,
solutions — all to keep you protected. 

How do we come up with the perfect recipe for your business? 

We get to know you – and your product – and find out the best way to keep you protected. 


  • In-Depth Insurance Coverage Evaluations
  • Onsite Facility & Taproom Risk Assessments
  • On TAP Server Training
  • Claims Management Services 
  • 24/7 Access to Service Requests & Information
  • Workplace Safety Policy & Procedure Advisement
  • Contract Reviews for Insurance Language
  • Endorsed Association Membership Discounts
  • Workers’ Compensation Services
  • COI for Vendors
  • Fleet Safety


  • Tank Collapse
  • Spoilage 
  • Product Leakage
  • Contamination
  • Key Employee Replacement
  • Damage to In-Process Products
  • Products Being Aged
  • Brands and Labels
  • Off-Site Tasting Events
  • Delivery Errors and Omissions 
  • Employee Dishonesty 
  • Growing Crops 
  • Harvested Crops Used in Production 
  • Coverage for Harvested Crops Off-Premises 
  • Merchandise Withdrawal 
  • Money and Securities 
  • Ordinance/Law Equipment Coverage 
  • Outdoor Signs, Awnings, and Tents 
  • Contamination & Adulteration
  • Processing Water Expense 
  • Transit 
  • Utility Services Time Element 
  • Your Business Personal Property Off-Premises

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