I am committed to providing my clients with a clear understanding of the various types of benefit coverages, as well as:

  • Explaining how and why rates/premiums are determined and controlled

  • Instructing clients on the claims process – knowing what to pay and when

  • Educating employees – helping them gain more value and appreciation from the benefits offered by their employer


Imagine a football game in which neither team knew the score of the game until two minutes remained on the clock. In many cases, this is how most employers find out how their benefit plans performed over the benefit year. They receive a “renewal letter” from the insurance company, giving them the score of the game (i.e. 5% increase, 25% increase, etc.), with just two
months left on the clock.
“I provide my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to play the annual benefit “game,” and focus on getting the care they need, in the most affordable manor and high-quality way possible.”

Dennis Morgret

Executive Vice President,
Employee Benefits

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I work with employers to design, implement and service benefits programs that they offer to their employees. I began my career working with an insurance company in Western Pennsylvania that underwrote managed care health plans for employers. In 1998, I joined Liberty Insurance Agency to focus on expanding its benefits department by building larger value-based platform of products and services for our clients. I am proud to have been a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) as well as other pier and business groups designed to improve our industry. I enjoy a physically active lifestyle which has included running, cycling and skiing for many years. I can be seen on the golf course as well from time to time.