We are here to become part of our client’s organization, as their contracted risk management department.

As a Certified Risk Manager, I work with my clients on the development of safety and risk management programs specific to their operations and industry standards. While insurance is available to finance many operational exposures, it is equally important to identify the risks that cannot be funded by insurance.

My personal success and growth are directly tied to the business goals and performance objectives of my clients. Insurance is simply a financing method to address a problem. My goal is to assist my clients in identifying the risks that will have a negative impact on their operations and ultimately their bottom line. I then work to develop a program or system to address those issues to allow for maximum efficiency and increased growth and profitability


Jason Rigby

Sr. Vice President, Property & Casualty

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I enjoy taking risk in my personal life through a variety of extreme sports: whitewater kayaking, snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. Any risk can be managed with the necessary information, analysis of the potential hazards, and determining whether it justifies the rewards. I truly enjoy working with businesses to help manage the risks they face in a way that allows them to make educated business decisions geared towards growth and success in their respective industries.