The liberty advantage for you

For individuals, the Liberty Advantage approach enables us to offer risk management strategies and comprehensive personal lines that take all your business and personal interests into consideration.

We’ll build a customized plan for you based on a complete portfolio of insurance and risk management products that protect your personal assets including, but not limited to: life, disability, home, auto, long-term care.

Through our relationships with more than 25 of the nation’s top insurance carriers and access to hundreds more on a brokerage basis, we offer all the insurance products an individual or family needs for complete protection.

We provide our business clients with the most comprehensive personal insurance services available, including:

  • Expert assessment of personal liability assumed in contracts, leases and condominium by-laws
  • Annual coverage surveys to determine potential exposure, coverage or needs
  • Assistance with claim adjustments; third party claims handled aggressively and in your best interest
  • Protection for your home, auto and assets (including items such as fine arts, valuable articles, automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, and financial security) both domestically and abroad
  • Risk management and insurance solutions related to estate planning and protecting your personal liability when acting as a director or officer of a non-profit
  • Coverage concerns regarding personal assets held in LLC’s or trusts

We’re able to provide the best personal insurance products at competitive prices:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Automobiles
  • Watercraft
  • Collectible Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Homeowners (Authority up to $25 million)
  • Tenant Homeowners
  • Condominium Owners
  • Valuable Items
  • Vacation Homes

Additional Products:

  • Flood Insurance
  • Mine Subsidence
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Group Life/Group Health
  • Boats and Yachts
  • Loss of Income
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Management

Umbrella Package Policy Proves its Value

Customer Challenge:

“Ms. Southby” is a busy professional, as well as a single mother and homeowner. She depends on her insurance agent to understand her needs, explain her options and provide her with the best pricing available with an industry proven carrier.

The Liberty Advantage Solution:

As a new Liberty personal lines client, Ms. Southby’s agent spent the time to conduct a full review of her personal exposures and assessed her current coverage. During the review, the agent recognized a gap in coverage and met with Ms. Southby to explain her exposures and options to reduce risk. 

With her prior agency, Ms. Southby maintained personal homeowners insurance with a $100,000 liability limit, as well as a one million dollar personal umbrella policy. The umbrella contract called for underlying requirements of $300,000. 

Liberty provided Ms. Southby with a competitive and comprehensive personal lines insurance quote, which Ms. Southby accepted. 


Shortly after the new policy was in place, a visitor to Ms. Southby’s home fell on her front steps and suffered a serious injury. The visitor’s bodily injury liability claim was $475,000. 

With the new homeowners and umbrella package policy:
The underlying homeowners policy paid $300,000
The umbrella policy paid$175,000
Ms. Southby paid$0
With the prior carrier and umbrella policy:
The underlying homeowners would have paid:$100,000
The umbrella policy would have paid:$175,000
Ms. Southby would have been liable for:$200,000


Higher Value Coverage is a Home Run for Retiree

Customer Challenge:

Mr. Conner is a very successful businessman who recently retired. Finally with extra time on his hands he can pay his personal insurance exposure the attention it deserves. Although he’s been a client of the same agency for more than twenty years, when he calls with questions he is transferred to the carrier’s national call center. He is not getting the attention he expects. 

The Liberty Advantage Solution:

Mr. Conner visited Liberty’s office and discussed his home, cars, summer cabin and grandson with a licensed agent at Liberty. Mr. Conner mentioned that he has been collecting baseball memorabilia since he was a young man. He keeps it locked up, so he has never been concerned about insuring it. He guesses that the collection may be worth more than $25,000. At the agent’s urging, Mr. Conner had the collection appraised and was happily surprised to find out that just one of the items is almost that value! In fact, the entire collection should be insured for $80,000.


Mr. Conner is now a Liberty client who is very pleased that he has just one phone number and one representative to call for all of his insurance needs. For the same cost he had been paying, he is now getting a higher value of coverage. And, he now has a feeling of security that he didn’t have before. Mr. Conner also knows he has an amazing gift for his grandson’s 21st birthday. And, that if anything happens to his prized baseball memorabilia collection, it is covered.

Benefit of Valuable Articles Policy Rings True for Homeowner

Customer Challenge:

The “Taylors” are long-time Liberty Personal Lines customers. Upon a recent renewal review, Mrs. Taylor mentioned that she has purchased some fine jewelry. The Taylors hadn’t mentioned it previously because they assumed the items were covered under their homeowner’s insurance. 

The Liberty Advantage Solution:

Our Liberty agent for the Taylors was able to explain that homeowner’s coverage limits the per-item coverage for finer items. She provided the Taylors with a quote for a valuable articles policy to cover the fine jewelry. The annual cost is insignificant and they purchase the insurance. The next year while traveling Mrs. Taylor notices her diamond ring slipped off of her finger and is missing. 


Mrs. Taylor called her agent to report the loss. After a quick return call to the claims adjuster, she put the sad loss out of her mind for the remainder of her traveling week. Upon her return home, she stopped at the post office to pick up her mail and was elated to receive a check in the amount of the full value of the ring.

95% of our customers rank our Personal Lines team as excellent or above average (Customer Satisfaction Survey)

Our personal insurance department is part of a select group that achieved the Chubb Cornerstone, Encompass Gold Key and the Travelers Elite designations, which represent the highest standards set forth by these carriers.